Demo Skis and Snowboards - What Are They?

By: Katie Rosenfelt / Updated May 9, 2023


Each of us would probably love to be able to buy new gear each year, however financially, that may not be too realistic for a lot of us. Cue sad face. But there may be a way to build that quiver without breaking the bank. That’s where demo deals step in.


What Are Demos?

You may be familiar with demoing skis from your local ski shop to test on-snow. But what happens at the end of the season to those tried and tested skis and snowboards?

At UtahSkis, we take our high-quality demo skis and snowboards that we offer as rental options at our ski shops in Utah and put them on sale at the end of the season. Each season, we add new skis and snowboards to our demo collection to continue offering the best options out there. When the season ends, rather than storing our demo skis and snowboards for the next season, we sell them to you at steep and deep discounts.

The majority of our demos have some use. Prior to selling, our ProStaff checks over every ski and snowboard for any damage, then runs each one through our Montana Crystal rock tuning machine to ensure you receive a piece of gear that’s ready to go. Just be aware, the processing time may be up to 4 days to complete prior to shipment.


used ski sale

Why Are Demos a Good Option?

We get it - it may feel weird buying a used ski. But the benefits are ones that can’t really be beat.

There is one main benefit for buying a demo ski or snowboard: save yourself some money on gear. You can still get a quality ski or snowboard at a fraction of the retail price. Yeah, there may be a slight dimple on the topsheet from slight use, but the quality isn’t any less than a new set of skis fresh out of the plastic wrapping.

Demos are a great option for beginners as well. If you’re ready to move away from classic ski rentals and advance to the next level, shopping for used skis or snowboards is a less expensive option to owning gear.

In addition to the steep discounts, demo skis include a demo binding, unless otherwise stated. Demo ski bindings are easily adjustable, meaning it can fit any size boot - so no need to worry there. Save time and the hassle of finding the right binding to fit your new skis - demo skis are already set!

Demos may not be for everyone - and that’s okay! But for those that want to advance, try out a new setup, or add a new type of ski to their quiver can all do so without breaking the bank.
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